About HFO Systems

Harold Owens - owner - HFO Systems, Inc.HFO Systems has been providing custom software services since 1995. We maintain a certain number of customers and have found this model extends the quickest response to problems and solutions at the best price to our customers. Based on the customer size and complexity, we price our services on an annual basis. This gives you, the customer, the ability to budget for those surprises that would in some cases cause much harm to your bottom line. We do not nickel and dime you to death. If your yearly contract price is 1000.00, that's all you pay regardless of what we do for you.

Computers Ain't Everything...A little about me. My friends say that I am an enigma. After graduating from High-school in 1976 and getting lost for three months in the summer of 1976 and finding a love for Germany and Switzerland, I entered the University of South Carolina in the fall of 1976 with a major in Management Science. After falling in love with Computer Logic on an IBM 43xx, I left USC to travel the United States and find my way thru Colorado and California before finding my way back to Florida and eventually back to USC while honing my skills along the way. Since 1983, I have never looked back. As of 2013, I have been designing and developing software for 30 years and have now added to my love of things, the desire to learn the German Language and the Violin. Life is what you make of it. I am married to Angie Owens, the love of my life since 1985 and have one child Patrick, the other love of my life.

This is the main goal of HFO Systems:
To provide great support at minimal cost to customers.

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